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Brooklyn Tax and Credit

Brooklyn Tax and Credit, Inc. is a company focused on providing tax, credit and accounting services for businesses and individuals. Through our dedication to research into law and procedure, we offer our clients superior representation. We offer many services including tax preparation, tax resolutions, credit repair, business credit financing, bookkeeping and payroll management.    

For our business clients we provide small business accounting services such as business tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll management, business formation, as well as many other accounting services all focused on reducing the overall tax burden. 


Most small businesses fail because of a lack of capital which is why Business Credit and Financing has been added to our credit services. We get businesses access to funds from alternative lenders and build up their business credit allowing them the flexibility to operate and grow. 

For our personal clients, we help clients plan ahead of time to reduce tax liabilities, prepare and file the income tax returns, as well as represent taxpayers before the IRS. Credit repair has unfortunatly become more necesary than ever before and help our clients by cleaning credit reports as well as educating them away from repeating bad credit habits. 

Tax Services

There is a lot more to taxes than knowing how to fill out forms. At Brooklyn Tax and Credit we employ Enrolled Agents who are tax law experts guaranteeing you get the highest legal refund. We're here for our clients all year around to deal with any issues or questions that come up.

We not only prepare tax returns, we can help in tax planning and resolve your tax problems. We offer the full range of tax resolutions and will represent our clients in front of the IRS, state and local taxing authorities.

IRS Enrolled Agent

Credit Services

What it means for you
is Credit?
  • Get approved for mortgages, car loans, and credit cards

  • Qualify for lower interest rates, and lower insurance premiums 

  • Qualify for special business financing

The credit system is based on borrowing money and paying the money back over time. Lenders would rather lend to those more likely to pay them back. Credit Reporting Agencys collect credit data and itemize it on a Credit Report. A mathematical model is then used to take the data on the credit report and give it a Credit Score. For consumers the most widely used score is the FICO Score which ranges from 300 to 850.  The FICO Score measures the likelyhood a consumer will be 90 days late paying a bill within the next two years. ​

Brooklyn Tax and Credit raises credit scores by legally deleting negative items and adding positive items to credit reports. We use our knowledge of scoring models and credit laws such as the FCRA to help our clients escape from the dark cloud of bad credit. ​

What we do
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